Terms and Conditions


Ownership and Agreement of Dev Bhumi site

The site and each of its modules are entirely self-contained by Dev Bhumi Travels and it’s calibrated third-party providers that may include its Hoteliers, Transporters, Affiliates, Travel Agents, and Airlines etc. The terms and conditions do depends on the service providers that is it do vary from one service provider to another. So, the customers are requested to go to the entire website before making their bookings as the terms and conditions are been authorized to be changed without any prior notice.

Use of site

The content which has been updated on the website is restricted that is no one is allowed to copy the content or information without permission. The one who initiates to do that is not only disregarding the copyright law and company law but also have to face the jurisdiction scenario.

Reliability of site

The site is still under work and fabrication so the content and information updated might be wrong or may contain some errors and bugs. So, the customers are requested to consult us before any booking or for the correct information. The customers, later on, will be responsible for the inconvenience and bookings which is made directly from the site without contacting us.

General Provision

The knowledge being mentioned on this website is either based on the exploration or has been learned or provided from the internet after going through the number of websites. In case, the concerned executives have not been to the respective area than the information delivered to the customer will be on the basis of hotelier’s/airlines/transporter’s websites and if case the customers didn’t get some facilities which have been mentioned on the website during their visit then we will not be responsible for the same.

The discounts which are offered to the customers for a specific time had to be used within the mentioned period of time.

The company will not be responsible for the delay in boarding your flight due to the document issues.

We don’t offer any type of insurance to the tourist or to their belongings.

Any harm done by the tourist to the public property had to be bear by them.

Any kind of misbehavior is intolerant in terms of the company, and the one doing so will be terminated from his or her services.

Company terms also include that any kind of mishappening and accident happens during the travel than the company will not be responsible for it.

Customers will be provided with a doctor on call and the concerned patient have to pay for the same.

Mishappening during traveling and adventurous activity will not be under company’s consideration, the specific customer will be responsible for it.

If the customers are hiring for the extra vehicles or taking part in extra activities during their trip than they have to pay for the same as the company will not be responsible for it.

No refund will be made on the misuse of accommodation so, the customers themselves have to care for it and are suggested to make the proper use of the facilities offered to them during their travel.

Booking confirmation

For your Package conformation, customers are necessitated to deposit only 50% Payment in Our Company Account. The account number which is mentioned below and customers will soon receive their Booking Voucher (Please do mail the screenshot of the mode of advance payment).

Note:-If in case any natural causes like Snowfall, Rain, Etc occurs or roads will be blocked or any other misshaping occurs due to weather conditions and climatic change that company will not refund and neither will be responsible for it.

OTHER PAYMENTS=  customers need to pay 10 days Before the start of Tour Plan if not then tour plan will be canceled and advance will not be not refundable.

Changes in the privacy policy

As already mentioned above the company may change its terms and condition depending on the trips and packages without any advanced notice.

The above-listed Terms & condition binds and brings Devbhumi Travels and you not in good terms of relationships but also in a contract of acceptance to which user must adhere. By this agreement, you notify us that you have understood our rights and restrictions on you and you will co-operate and will not do anything to violate it and accept the terms at given conditions.